Grandparents Around the World

Bridging the Gap between Seniors and Youth

Who we are

Grandparents Around the World is an organization of independent seniors who continue to be involved in the life of their communities and families.  We provide information, resources, and opportunities for seniors to keep active and remain inspired.  We serve as a reminder of the older generation’s value to society. We pay particular attention to supporting and fostering relationships between the old and the young, as we think those relationships are enriching to all.

Grandparents Around the World (GATW) is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization based in the Bronx, with members and participants from all the boroughs and as well as the  outlying suburban areas of New York City.  Our membership reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity that is New York. Anyone who has the desire is welcome to join us, most of our activities are offered free of charge.


A Note from Evern Gillard-Randolph, Founder Grandparents Around the World

I was brought up to have a strong sense of family and community. Our family was quite large, and our grandmother Elouise Richardson helped give us all a little extra attention and care.  Having my grandmother there enriched my life, and her continued involvement with the community well into old age served as an inspiration to me.  In 2005, Brenda Prescott, Levora  Elmore and I started Grandparents Around the World after realizing that there were other strong and independent seniors who were making some of those same contributions as my grandmother.



Writing and Drama Workshops

We give our members the opportunity to tell their stories through drama, which they will then perform for an audience. Anyone of any age who has a story they want to share can participate.

 Book Share

To encourage reading, we keep a collection of children’s and young people’s books for seniors to borrow and share with youth. We accept books at any time, if you’d like to donate to our library.



Grandparents Ball

The Grandparents Ball is our annual fundraising event. It is a fun-filled all afternoon semi-formal affair with music and dancing, live entertainment, food and drink.  This celebration is a multi-cultural family, community, and intergenerational gala for our members, friends, families, and our supporters. It also includes an Awards Ceremony for selected Honorees who exemplify GATW’s values of service to family and community.

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 Walk-A-Thon and Health Fair

Our annual Walk-a-Thon is an all day event in Pelham Bay Park on a Saturday in the early Fall, specifically designed for seniors to share with young people. Adults bring a child to walk with, keeping a comfortable pace with each other.  It always ends up being invigorating and fun. Then we return to our starting point where there is a Health Fair with complimentary screenings, activities for the children including crafts and storytelling, and entertainment and snacks for everyone. This event is also free of charge.     


Our Programs:

Monthly Forums at The Bronx Museum of the Arts

At our monthly forum you could find a panel presentation or workshop where experts cover subjects important to seniors and their communities, supplying information as well as identifying additional resources. We have covered vital topics such as emergency preparedness, and fun things such as a workshop for hosting your own public access TV show.

We also have hosted job/educational fairs, where our seniors are encouraged to bring young people from their families or communities to learn about applying for programs available to help young people succeed. Our seniors can bring people to these events, or go back to their families and communities and share what they've learned. Our forums are held free of charge and include a snack.

Contact us

Grandparents Around the World 
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Office: 347 366 4946
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