Prayer of Love and Peace – Nagasaki Miracle/Then & Now – Theater 09/21/15

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The play is set in the Edo era. During this time, the Shogunate, Japan’s feudal government, forbade it’s people to believe in Christianity. In Nagasaki. There were many people with a passionate religious mind even under the crack down. Of course, they believed covertly, and such people are called, “Hidden Christian” in Japan. They attained salvation by saying a prayer to an image of the Virgin Mary. The play then jumps to the present time where. college students, Yosuke and Maria go to Nagasaki, during a summer holiday.

Come join us in a celebration of love and peace while we take you on a journey through time.


Sunday, September 20, 2015


4:00 PM (EDT)


Salvation Army Harlem Temple Corps
540 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10037

About INAMORI Art Project Group

INAMORI Art Project Group was established by Nakori Inamori, a housewife with a progressive and incurable disease. This company is a voluntary group founded upon her strong wish that we should hand a peaceful future over to the children all over world. We are keeping her dream that the Earth will become a planet where everyone in the world will be peaceful and non-violent, and we will be able to accomplish the mission of her life.We are a small company and just like the least ones in the Bible, without much much ability and artistic techniques. However, we are like of ray of light coming in at the slight gap of the window. We hope the vibration of our messages will reach people’s earth at tht time, we believe that our message will burst and bloom someday in the long run.That’s why we perform on every single stage doing our best with hearty gratitude.

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