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The Firefighters – Theater 09/21/15

┬áThe Firefighters In 2014, a Japanese woman named Rie, visited her niece, Maria. During her stay, Maria decided to take Rie on a tour of her city. Towards the end of the tour, they approached a church near the World Financial Center. In the church was an exhibition of articles left by Firefighters. Rie and… Continue Reading

Prayer of Love and Peace – Nagasaki Miracle/Then & Now – Theater 09/21/15

INAMORI Art Project Group Presents PRAYER OF LOVE AND PEACE: NAGASAKI MIRACLE/THEN & NOW The play is set in the Edo era. During this time, the Shogunate, Japan’s feudal government, forbade it’s people to believe in Christianity. In Nagasaki. There were many people with a passionate religious mind even under the crack down. Of course,… Continue Reading

Annual Grandparents’ Walk in the Park – Fundraiser 09/19/15

Annual Grandparents’ Walk in Pelham Bay Park Please join us at our Annual Grandparents’ Walk in Pelham Bay Park where we listen, love, communicate and walk alongside family and friends Seniors and youths come walk together. We will have Games, Live Entertainment, Contests, Prizes, Face Painting and more Healthy Eating Initiatives & Health Care Vendors… Continue Reading